• jekyll-pro-theme: A jekyll theme to use with Github Pages

    Published: 20 January 2020

    As part of the INSPiRE project I have had to create and host a website (a work in progress by any definition) as well as create and host an online survey. The jekyll-pro-theme is the result of these two projects.

  • Willingness to pay to protect cold water corals

    Published: 16 August 2019

    There is increasing pressure to use currently untapped resources in the deep sea, raising questions regarding ecosystem service trade‚Äźoffs in these often unknown areas.

  • obfuscatoR: Obfuscation Game Designs is now available on CRAN

    Published: 01 August 2019

    Chorus et al. (2019) put forward the hypothesis that sometimes when people make choices they wish to hide their true motivation from a potential onlooker. The obfuscatoR package allows users to easily create obfuscation experiments to test the obfuscation hypothesis, i.e. when properly incentivized - are people able to obfuscate?

  • Poster presented at LEEPin2019 in Exeter

    Published: 26 June 2019

    I gave a poster presentation titled: 'The effect of device experience and time of day on stated preferences' at the LEEPin2019 Conference on 24th - 26th of June 2019 at the University of Exeter.

  • Seminar with HERU in Aberdeen

    Published: 31 May 2019

    I was invited to give a seminar in the Health Economics Research Group (HERU) seminar series in Aberdeen on the 31st of May 2019. The title of the talk was: 'The search for something better - A consideration set model'.