Chorus et al. (2019) put forward the hypothesis that sometimes when people make choices they wish to hide their true motivation from a potential onlooker. The obfuscatoR package allows users to easily create obfuscation experiments to test the obfuscation hypothesis, i.e. when properly incentivized - are people able to obfuscate? The package has an easy to use interface and includes several options for the user to adjust the difficulty of the experiment for both the decision maker and observer. A complete introduction to the R package is in the accompanying package vignette (Sandorf et al., 2019) The theoretical and formal derivation of the model can be found in Chorus et al. (2019).


Chorus, C., van Cranenburgh, S., Sandorf, E. D., Sobhani, A. & Szep, T., 2019, Obfuscation Maximization for Discrete Choice Analysis: Theory, Methodology and First Empirical Evidence, Working Paper

Sandorf E. D., Chorus, C. & van Cranenburgh, S., 2019, obfuscatoR: Obfuscation Game Designs, R package version 0.2.0, URL: